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  • Durable
  • Water-Proof
  • Adjustable Brightness

Gift your family and community with a Chanukah experience that will stay with them long after the last flames have burned out.

Illumin8 Menorah

Head-turning classic

Illumin8 Menorah

Use the controller for tons of family fun! Menorah blinks you adjust brightness or light each candle for every night.

Regular price$79.99

Ilumin8 menorah
6 suction cups
4 x 1” screws
2 x 4” screws
14 ft. extension wire
Remote control


Select flames for each night

Adjustable brightness

Blinking mode

USB wire (for easy car use)

Multi-use add-ons available

18” X 18”

NW: 1.02 kg

GW: 1.21 kg

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5,000+ happy customers from around the world


I was never tempted to buy a menorah for my car until I saw this. Well done.

Brooklyn, NY

I put one on each side of the car! I love how it has the ability to flash three modes! It's makings its waves all across Australia! Thank you!

Melbourne, Australia
Very Eye Grabbing

These Ilumin8 Menorahs lit up the office buildings and nursing homes that we visit.
They captured the attention of the masses wherever they are stationed!
The product we all envisioned and waited for has finally arrived!

★★★★★Rabbi Pinny
Los Angeles, CA
Brings the community together

Last year the whole community joined in our special Chanuka Parade. We used the Ilumin8 Menorahs by gr8nes on top of the cars, and it had a tremendous impact. We are looking forward to receiving our new order for this year and upgrading the impact.

★★★★★Rabbi Chai Amar
Golden Beach, Florida

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