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"Chanukah is such an exciting and meaningful holiday, but growing up I was bothered by the lack of options to celebrate and decorate. That's why I decided to change that for my family and friends."

Sadya Smetana | Founder Gr8Nes

Celebrate with 10,000+ Happy Families From Around The World

"Packaging makes it a great gift - It was so easy to hang on the window and looks beautiful from inside and outside."

Sarah F.

Verified Buyer

"Very Eye Grabbing - with the controller you can make it however you want. Nice and classy menorah!” 

Sophia C.

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"Love it - I would really recommend it if you're looking for a really nice light up menorah." 

David G.

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The most modern and versatile Menorah made with YOU in mind

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"Did you know that Shark Tank originated as a Dragons Den spinoff? 🐉"

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