Our story

Hi there! I’m Sadya Smetana, the entrepreneur behind Gr8Nes.

A few years ago, I was bothered by the lack of fun, modern decorations for Chanukah. After years of brainstorming and prototyping, I launched Gr8Nes with our initial product: the Illumin8 Menorah, a completely reimagined electric menorah.

It’s been received with massive excitement in homes, offices and medical centers across the globe, and it’s been featured in notable press, music videos, and parades.

Our Mission: to revolutionize the Chanukah experience, bringing joy and light into the world.

Our Vision: A world where Jewish people are proud of Chanukah and their heritage, and that pride is reflected in gorgeous, modern holiday displays. 

The Illumin8 Menorah is just the beginning. We’ve got plans for more premium-quality, eye-catching innovations that will illuminate and inspire!

We’re a small, dedicated team, and we’re happy to answer your questions. Reach out and let’s talk Chanukah!

illumin8 it!